Long Overdue Update

There are so many awesome things about cheap tarps from Harbor Freight. They do a great job of covering things. You see, when you have an old car that leaks like a sieve, you need to cover it to keep out the rain. The flat glass is mostly cracked or missing, so a cheap tarp is also handy in keeping out the feral cats, squirrels, and other mammals of ill repute. Cheap tarps do just about everything you need a tarp to do, except breathe. Come to find out, without any air circulation, things start to mold and mildew. The only thing worse than mold and mildew is trying to get rid of mold and mildew. After being up to my elbows in baking soda and white vinegar, I decided I needed to find something less “tarpy” to cover the R54.

Fortunately, the warehouse where I build cabinets and custom furniture has a little extra space and the R54 has found a new home there. Currently, it is still sitting there, leaking oil and getting covered in sawdust. For the record, getting rid of sawdust is much easier than getting rid of mold and mildew. Maybe getting back to blogging about the car will get me back under the hood. I know I need to change out a belt, rebuild the carburetor… again, and replace the rear main seal.

Linings and tires and belts, oh my…

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