It’s a done deal!

It’s my wife’s fault… at least that’s what I tell myself.  If we hadn’t gone to Mt. Morris, IL for her family reunion, I never would have had the chance to test drive a ’53 Chevy.

It was about as cool as anything I’ve done in a while.  I’m sure the fact that the only test drive route went right through the heart of the small town – exactly where the 4th of July parade route was about to run.  Everyone started waving.  Kids started yelling about how cool my car was.  You’d think the guy selling the car had paid everyone off to try to get me to buy it.

Regardless, the damage had been done and I was completely hooked.

I looked at a bunch of old Chevy forums, I found a guy (William Tunnell) from Northport, AL who was nearly done with his restoration of his Chevy.  I started asking him about what to look for when buying one of these old cars.  He has been an invaluable resource in getting me pointed in the right direction.

I found one in Kennesaw, GA and we decided to take a family trip to look at the car and hang out with relatives living in ATL.  And that’s where the newest chapter of the Ragamuffin ’54’s story begins.


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